2015 Melbourne Cup First Four Betting

First Four

There are many different types of bets open to punters on racing. From a simple win bet there are countless permutations of odds and options available, many of which have exotic names and can bewilder the most experienced of punters.

For online punters looking for a good return on a single race, a First Four bet can be a profitable way to wager.

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A First Four bet is one such option and requires a punter to select the first four finishers of a given race. Other similar betting options available are the duet and the trifecta which require a punter to pick the first two finishers and three finishers respectively. The First Four takes this one step further and requires a wager to be placed on the first four finishers.

The First Four option is available on nominated races covered by the national TABs including thoroughbreds, greyhounds and harness. There are several different types of First Four bet available.

Straight First Four Bet

A straight First Four bet is as simple as it sounds. A punter must pick the first four finishers of a given race in the correct order. This is the best way for a better to maximise their return as it just requires one stake and there are no variables – a win is paid only in the event of the four runners finishing in the nominated order.

Box First Four Bet

A box First Four bet gives punters more flexibility as it requires them to pick the first four finishers in a nominated race in any order. Rather than a straight bet which needs a punter to identify both the first four finishers and the order in which they will complete the race, a box First Four bet just needs a punter to pick the first four finishers.

A box First Four bet is effectively twenty-four combinations as these are the possible permutations for four horses to finish in any order. A $1 stake would therefore result in a $24 outlay for this particular bet.

A punter can box any number of combinations although this increases the total number of best. For example, picking the first five finishers of a race in any order would result in one hundred and twenty possible combinations and quite a sizeable initial outlay.

Standout First Four Bet

A standout First Four bet is a good value option for punters who have a very confident idea of which horse will win a particular race. A punter selects one runner which they believe will win the race, and then three further runners who they believe will finish second, third and fourth. If their chosen first place runner wins the race, the other three runners can finish in any order.

This reduces the number of combinations and in the example above there would be six permutations and so six bets. Rather than a box first four bet which requires twenty four wagers, a standout best only consists of six bets but it requires the standout choice to win the specific race.

This type of bet is sometimes called a roving banker bet. A roving banker allows a punter to choose one horse that they believe will finish in a specific place (typically first, but it can be second, third or fourth) and then to pick three other runners that will finish in the remaining places in any order.

A punter could therefore pick a horse they believe is sure to finish in second place and three other runners that they believe will fill the other top four places in any order with this type of bet.

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Flexi First Four Bet

Punters are able to convert their straight, box and standout First Four bets into flexi bets.

A flexi bet allows a punter to decide how much they wish to spend on their bet in order that they can have a larger number of selections for a smaller initial investment. For example, a box First Four bet with four runners costs $24 to receive 100% of the final dividend. If a punter only wishes to stake $12 then a flexi bet allows them to do this and they will win 50% of the dividend.

Bookmakers generally pay the dividend and winning combinations as declared by the selected National TAB on First Four bets. Some bookies have maximum payouts on metropolitan and non-metropolitan races.

Whilst there might be a degree of difficulty in picking the first four finishers in a given race, the various box and standout First Four options give punters a good choice of options when trying to profit from picking the first four finishers.

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Melbourne Cup First Four

If you can accurately pick the Melbourne Cup First Four, then you are nothing short of a master punter. Of course, you can still try your hand at a Melbourne Cup First Four without the pressure of having to get the exact order right if you place a box Melbourne Cup First Four bet.

Cox Plate First Four

With so many champion runners contesting the Cox Plate each year, picking a Cox Plate First Four can be a challenge. Most punters should just box their Cox Plate First Four, as the exact finishing order will become even more difficult to pick than usual when you are dealing with a field full of runners that habitually win or place.

Victoria Derby First Four

If you plan to place a Melbourne Cup First Four bet for the first time, then you would do well to try a Victoria Derby First Four beforehand. This is especially true if you are unsure whether boxing your bet is worthwhile, as a practice run on a Victoria Derby First Four will show you how accurate your picks of the top runners are compared to your pick of the finishing order.

Crown Oaks First Four

If you got a taste for First Four bets after the Melbourne Cup, then a Crown Oaks First Four will be your first major opportunity afterwards to give this exciting exotic bet type another whirl. You can make some big money off a Crown Oaks First Four, as the betting pools tend to contain a lot of money due to lingering interest in horse racing after the Melbourne Cup.

Emirates Stakes First Four

As the Emirates Stakes is the last major race of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, make sure you remember to place an Emirates Stakes First Four bet. It will be your last major horse racing betting opportunity for a while, so it is vital that you get in on the big Emirates Stakes First Four betting pools.

Epsom Handicap First Four

When you are preparing for the spring racing season, you should start off with an Epsom Handicap First Four bet. However, as the Epsom Handicap is one of the earliest major races, it can be hard to get the order just right on an Epsom Handicap First Four, so a box bet is recommended.

Caulfield Guineas First Four

As the Caulfield Guineas is run just a week before the Caulfield Cup, it only makes sense to bet on both a Caulfield Guineas First Four and a Caulfield Cup First Four. It might be difficult to accurately gauge the abilities of the runners, so do not be afraid of making multiple Caulfield Guineas First Four bets.

Caulfield Cup First Four

If you can pick the Caulfield Cup First Four right, you are well on your way to picking a winning Melbourne Cup First Four. That’s why it is vital to give the Caulfield Cup First Four a try, as it will help to prepare you for your major Melbourne Cup bets.

First Four News

The 2015 Melbourne Cup has drawn a talented and capacity field of local and international stayers and figures as a particularly lucrative race from a betting standpoint, particularly in considering a first four bet. A Melbourne Cup first four bet requires a punter to select which four horses in finish…